Thank you for visiting my personal blog website, where I share thoughts and ideas I find interesting and challenging. Which I hope also give you an understanding of who I am and how I could help your organisation.

I grew up in South Africa and now live in Cambridge (UK), my interests include; Mobile and Smart Technology, Digital, Marketing, Demographics, Photography, Clean Tech, Business (Development, Strategy and Policy). Which I hope, also make for some interesting topics to blog about.

Since 2005 I have been fortunate to worked with SME’s developing a portfolio career as a Freelance, Interim, Contractor. Supporting and advising, sole traders, micro business owners, c-suite professionals, directors and small businesses owners in a wide range of sectors and industries on; marketing and business development, on online and social media, and acting as a senior interim manager. Consulted firms in a wide range of sectors, including genomics, renewable energy, business networks, healthcare, financial services, and many others.

My career started 1998 after completing national service in the South African Defence Force, as an apprentice in the Department of Post and Telecommunications in South Africa. Since then I had various roles and responsibilities, where I been involved at an operational level as well are in strategic, commercial and technical operations. During this time, I had the fortune to work with a number of interesting people and some of the best brains in their field, without who’s help support and encouragement successful completion of projects would be impossible.

Some career highlights would include:

  1. Working as a contractor on the Beacon project in London responsible for acquisition and design milestones to deliver shared infrastructure for Telefonica and Vodafone within the North-West London Quadrant.
  2. Supporting an Enterprise development program run at Edinburgh University helping ex-service men develop and commercialise their ideas, putting a team together that helped a budding inventor secure a prototype development grant from a Large German marine technology company for his gearing system.
  3. Supported an Irish equity investment firms acquisition of a UK based Solar Development business by developing and implementing an integrated ERP system for capture leads and supporting field acquisition teams and build teams to document and track requirements from initial contact integrating a new plant into the grid.
  4. Being part of the launch team who planed and build the first 3G network that launched in London for 3 UK on 03/03/2003.
  5. Supporting a joint venture between Pipex, Oakley Capital and Intel, to exploit the capability of WiMAX technology for converged digital IP networks enabling mobile broadband services.
  6. Being given the privilege of being a judge on the 2015 Ely Business awards, for the following categories:
    • New Business of the Year (won by – RX Guidelines)
    • Medium Business of the Year (won by – Ellgia Recycling)
    • Online Business of the Year (won by – RX Guidelines)
  7. Being a business support and grant advisor on the Destination Digital Project run by Cambridgeshire County Counsel to enable local businesses to integrate digital technologies and broadband capabilities into their businesses.
  8. Being part of the start-up team who launched Vodafone Tanzania.
  9. Supporting the Commonwealth Education Ministers Conference in Kuala Lumpur where I was responsible for the technology in education category.
  10. Supporting a sustainability consultancy implementing QSAS for RedcoConstruction – Almana as part of their FIFA World Cup compliance program in Qatar.

Interests outside of work:

Family is very important for me and it’s the missed opportunities and time with them I regret most in life. However, finding balance between home and work life is not always easy but non-the less remembering the happiest days of my life makes it worthwhile. Like the day my son was born, I met my “best wife” for the first time and her face when we picked up number two son at the airport and they embraced. Not forgetting those moment one quietly self-reflect when you sitting on the porch listening to the sea, smelling the meat as its grilling sipping a cold glass or rum in the cool breeze, or taking a deep breath as you walking through a pine woods after the rain and everything smells so clean and fresh. Time when you really relaxed and getting ready for what next chapter of life.

After family would be charity, and the charities local to me that I hold close to hart are Jimmy’s Night Shelter in Cambridge, the Papworth Trust’s OWL Bikes and OWL Centre and John Huntingdon’s Charity. Other causes I feel strongly about are; those who serve us and fight to make sure we can enjoy the freedoms we have living our daily lives. Which is why I support charities like Soldiers Off The Street, Hounds for Heroes and Help for Heroes. I also believe that as a society we should not forget the elderly which is why I support Meals on Wheels | Delivery Service for the Elderly and The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution I also believe that we need good and strong male role models in life and as a father it is my responsibility to be that for my children especially during their forming years and that is why I support Families Need Fathers Life is not fair and sometimes even cruel but in my opinion although not everyone are equal, everyone should have self-worth and a sciences of belonging, especially young people which is why I support Red Balloon.