Don’t Rush The Sale

I am sure you will all agree when I say that there are a number of mistakes people make on Social Media. Some the even we made as we started out using Social Media. After all, mistakes are what we learn from, don’t you agree? In this article I would like to point out a few common mistakes I still see people make when they post or interact on Facebook Groups or Pages.

  1. When someone does a post and that post then gets “hijacked or monopolised” by a pushy seller. (example with screenshots below)
  2. When someone offers “help” but the help is meaningless as its out of contexts because it is not answering the question that was asked or it is to general.
  3. When someone who is a raving fan of your business, product or service that they recommend it because they believe it’s a good fit for what the person who made the original poste is looking for but your business page and personal profile is not “taggable” and can therefore not be shared.  
  4. When the group is set up for a specific community, supply chain or ecosystem and the person who comments, recommends people outside this environment.  

For example; in the screenshot below is the post that was in a Facebook group. Where someone asked for specific help to find a product that they were looking to buy. It might be the early bird that catches the worm, but it is always the 2nd mouse that gets the cheese. 

In the screenshot below are 4 posts from the “hijack seller”, two of which hidden in comments someone else made and as a “follow up” two as a straight comment.

I understand that we are all trying to make a living, especially during these uncertain times with the world in lock down due to Covent 19. But a better way of posting for the above “hijack seller” could have been.

  1. A direct message to the poster saying; (At “hijack seller” we source wines from many places and we have found your favourite wine for you. How many bottles would you like to order? or Please contact us to discuss how many bottles you would like to order?)
  2. They could have posted the same message as a comment directly in the feed, BUT without linking to their company website.

Remember this is a TOF (top of funnel) activity, when someone ask for help to find a product or service. You have not yet built any trust with this buyer and your content and interaction should be tailored around creating awareness and building trust. NOT focused on making or maximising a sale. After all social media and especially groups, are about community and communication as you build trust. 

To use a different analogy. In this case the “potential buyer” who posted for help, had no chance to decide if they are interested in going on a “first date” but yet the “hijack seller” is already going in on the honeymoon. Social media make things easier, but rushing in without understanding the funnel and or respecting your potential buyers, buying cycle before you build trust. Could harm your reputation and negatively influence others who are observing or watching what your public actions in the group is. Remember, awareness first, followed by interest, then evaluation after which the sale happens. 

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