Facebook Changes During Q4 2019

I have been enjoying getting out around Cambridgeshire and surrounding area making new connections at various networking events in the region. As usual I send those I meet a LinkedIn and Facebook connection request. Then it’s up to them to accept or reject the request and once connected it gives us both an opportunity to further get to know each other and build social capital. 

Depending on the networking event I attend and where I meet the people, it would appear to be different take-ups on which connection requests they accept. Something I find fascinating. Especially those individuals who reply back on Facebook request saying, please connect on LinkedIn. Or, I keep my Facebook personal and don’t use it for business. Or, the ones who will tell you to connect to their business page on Facebook as their personal page is not for business. All understandable responses and indeed a personal choice each individual could exercise with their own discretion etc.

However, I would suggest that at least those who have a second personal profile to connect with business contacts instead of a business page don’t quite understand how Facebook works. In April Facebook announced that with F8 there will be a number of changes to the platform. Changes that I am personally quite excited about, as these will I hope get rid of all the “Thought Leaders” who are in reality nothing more than quality spammers. The changes should align with what LinkedIn has done with their influencers. But let’s stay on point, for this post it’s all about Facebook.

 What will be different: We should be better able to segment connections in Facebook using Lists. Hopefully we will also see a better distribution of content from the pages and groups you follow or are involved in. I theory the way it should be working is you add your contacts to various lists, where you can decide what is visible to whom or not, if you choose to. The content you will see in your feed will also be better aligned with the things you are interested in. For example, it’s all about the affinity you have with the content and connection. Let say I connect to a vegetarian page because I met someone at a networking event who send me an invite to their page, which I connected to because I did not want to offend them. But at the same time, I am not interested in seeing their post because I am a hard core stake lover so I unfollow them. What should happen is the machine learning algorithm in Facebook will recognise this as no affinity and block the content, therefore panelising that page owner.       

Think about it this way, what will happen to organic on Facebook. In my opinion organic will be where there is a close affinity with the user and content and if not, you will need paid reach. Good or bad you decide. What this does mean though is that when you connect to individual on your personal Facebook Profile you can add these individuals into the appropriate Friends List. From that you can grow your Facebook Business page once sufficient social capital has been built on your personal profile. Because, if there is no relationship those individuals will not interact or share the content. Once you have identified those who interact they can become the foundation that lead people to your Facebook Group.

At least in theory that is the progression. However, don’t forget the content. Close friends might relate to your sense of humour, whereas people you don’t know that well might not appreciate it in the same way. You also need to understand where is your sales funnel or customer acquisition funnel prospective clients are so that you can give them appropriate content for the stage they are at. Foe example, you family would not be content seeing all your promotional posts for your business sales on your personal wall, nor would those individuals who liked your page. Especially if they are still at the Awareness stage of your Funnel. Those who have an interest could also be lost it that interest is not uncharred, and for some of that nurturing you might want to lead them to your website, newsletter, video and perhaps a 2nd video if they watched for longer that 5 min etc.

Thinking you will not be able to do in the same way if all you doing is keeping Facebook personal and directing people to your business page, which in some cases is another personal profile and not a business one. It will also be interesting to see how the feeds will be displayed on your wall and updated based on the affinity you have with what you are following and interacting with. I hope that as things progress and machine learning gets refined we should get some interesting AI driving content marketing forward.


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